About Cloquhat Farm

Following Neil Drummond's arrival at Cloquhat in 1992, the farm changed direction. Limousin bulls replaced the earlier Charolais from 1995, and in recent years the Blackfaced ewes have been replaced by North Country Cheviots.

Although Normande LONESTAR, Homebyres OMEGA and Woodhouse RUFUS have now 'gone on their ways", their genes remain in many of our stock cows.   All three were big, strong bulls, and the herd, which is now over 50% home-bred, reflects their size and quality.   The resident Limousin bulls now are Greenhaugh UTWO and Marlepark ALBERT.

UTWO. a black Limousin bull with tremendous growth and muscle figures and an EBV of LM38, putting him in the top 1% of Limousin bulls in the UK, was, prior to coming to Cloquhat, the stock bull of Drew and Bob Adam's renowned Limousin herd at Newhouse of Glamis.   Several of his sons achieved spectacular results at Perth Bull Sales.   UTWO's semen is available for purchase, either through the farm or through the Limousin Society.

ALBERT, Champion at Stranraer and Reserve Champion at Wigtown and Dumfries Shows in 2006, is another high-quality, high EBV bull of impressive shape, who produces easily-calved, quick-growing calves.   The calves of these two bulls seem to batch well together for sales.

A recent arrival is a British Blue bull Every VAGABOND.   He has been bought particularly for the Autumn-calving cows, to add a little extra muscle to our breeding stock in years ahead.

The herd is 90 strong, all black LimousinX, except for a few pedigree black Limousins.   The aim is to calve approx 65 in the Spring and 25 in the Autumn.   It is from the autumn herd that 8-10 black heifer calves are kept each year for replacement breeding stock.   The herd is part of the SAC Health Scheme, and all cattle have been electronically tagged for many years.

Although cattle are the principle product of the farm, there are 300 North Country Cheviot and Mule Ewes, which are put to Cheviot and Suffolk Tups.   While the main lambing is in April, approximately 40-50 ewes lamb early to the Suffolk in February, for the Spring lamb trade.

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