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Cloquhat is an estate of nearly 700 acres set at the foot of Glenshee in Highland Perthshire. At the bottom of the farm, the rivers Blackwater, from Glenshee, and Ardle meet, to become the Ericht, which runs south, through Blairgowrie to join the Isla and eventually the Tay. The land, all of which is south-facing, rises steeply from 450 feet to just under 1,200 feet, and consists of just over 300 acres of pasture and 320 acres of hill. The rest is woods, tracks, buildings etc.

Cloquhat, which means ‘the Place of the Wild Cat’ (though he seems to have disappeared long ago, fortunately) was bought in 1946 by Colonel and Mrs Peter Dunphie and quickly became renowned for the Jersey Cattle herd which Mollie Dunphie created. Meanwhile Peter ran a Hereford herd and a flock of Scottish Blackface Sheep on the hill.

In the 1950's they bought the neighbouring Middlepark Farm from Ashmore Estate, and since then the estate has been called Cloquhat Farms, or to give it its correct, but seldom used, name, Cloquhat and Middlepark Farms. The Jerseys and Herefords went during the 1960's, and the farm has since kept cross-bred suckler cows, which initially ran with Charolais bulls.

In 1988 the farm was taken over by Colonel Dunphie’s nephew, Brigadier Christopher Dunphie and his wife Sonia. While Christopher continues to manage the farm and has written books about World War 2, Sonia has created an excellent garden, which opens to the public under Scotland’s Garden Scheme every two years – next on Sunday 8th July 2012. . The direction of the farm changed with the replacement of the Charolais's by Limousin bulls in 1995, while North Country Cheviots have replaced the Blackfaced ewes.

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